Andrew Frausto


My paintings begin as casual explorations of erratic judgements and “self-imposed problems.” With my recent work, I have began painting large rolls of paper. I generally apply different painted applications using spray paint, brushes, rollers, staining, or drippings etc. The large rolls of paper are also used as “drop-clothes” to catch or collect painted marks from other paintings that are being worked on. The marks become recorded visual cues from the studio. By doing this, I anticipate creating visual content which in turn will be used to create future paintings. The outcome of this stage in the process has no compositional resolution.

Through careful considerations, moments begin to arise in the large rolls of painted paper that are then framed and cut out. Through a deployment of layered visual effects - shapes, colors, textures, ect - the paintings slowly begin to “shape-up”. Incidental mark-making and intentional decisions coexist to find a balance of harmony and contrast.

A generally feeling of uneasiness exist within the final compositions of my paintings. This uneasiness exist, for the most part, from the unsure feeling of what will happen next. A commitment between myself and viewers is required for a full and true relationship of visual experience.

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