Bo Cosfranz

My work tends to focus on the human form, because I believe that art is an interpretation of what it means to be human. I do not consider my work to be portraiture, because the identity of the person depicted is not relevant. Instead, I want the images to symbolise humanity as a concept that we all share and recognise.

I often start by observing a human form, and noticing the shapes created by light or shadow that catch my attention. I outline them in my mind, then on paper, and then on a canvas. When the outline of these shapes reaches a corner and has to sharply change its direction, I continue drawing from that point in a straight line. The resulting image is an organic form, with two tangent lines extending from each of its corners. In this way, the natural human shapes also create a geometric network around them.

The theme of extended tangent lines is a strict rule that prevails in all of my work, but different rules may be applied to how they are then treated. They may be solid lines, or the areas between the lines may be filled with a colour, becoming lighter or darker as the areas overlap. They may stop when they hit another shape, or they may continue until the end of the canvas. In all cases, there is a reason behind what I have done.

The tangent lines also apply in my abstract work. However, instead of directly observing a human, I create the organic element of the abstract pieces in other ways, such as through the unstructured use of colour.

Each piece of work results in a tension between the organic and the geometric parts. The shapes and lines follow a set logic, but the colours come from my intuition. This is a reflection of what it means to be human.

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