Gianinna Delpino

After a career as an architect /as I never believed somebody could teach me how to do Art/, whilst doing plans on my desk, the sudden illness and death of a loved one in 2012, gave me the precious message to start doing what I really love right now.
That intimate encounter with Death, brought me to London, from Chile, in a mission to do what I love, become a full time artist.
Into a huge city I arrived without knowing anybody.
I made my first mural when I ran out of money, in exchange for a bed and met my first friend when I bought my first bicycle. She invited me to her flat that was being refurbished and we sat down in the middle of the space to have tea, surrounded by paint pots, tiles and tools. She introduced me to my second friend that She found in the street nearby painting a mural on a telecom box. You could work together.She said to him.
And so we did.
We painted several murals for Southwark council before I started to paint ones on my own. At the time I was also working delivering croissants at five in the morning on a bicycle from Bermondsey to Dalston, holding the keys of doors of multiple shops that I opened in absolute isolation and silence, before the city awakening.
The owner of that bakery also had a shop that didn’t work, so they closed it and used it as a storage space, until I proposed them to turn it into a studio and a little gallery space where I could show the things I was producing.
It had a big window by the street, so people that was passing by could come in and have a coffee, sitting around the only big table in the middle where I was working. Unconsciously, I was building the bridge to connect with other fellow artists.
In that little shop I met dear friends and also worked in the private views in a gallery nearby that opened more doors.
One day in a Drawing Performance workshop in a university, I met an other one of my greatest friends, who designed my first self published photography book, based in 10 posters I painted on site one afternoon for a festival. A year later that book would be exhibited at the contemporary museum in Bremen, Germany.
Then started to teach adults to draw, helping them to get over their inner critic and find their own voice, while I continued painting and creating other projects like a performance I showed in Soho last July about the weight of our thoughts.
Now I am developing a collection of monochromatic paintings based on the power of the mind and it’s useless distractions.

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