Irene Anton

Visual artist, installation, object, relief

Irene Anton, *Darmstadt-Germany, 1966
After having finished my degree as a fashion and textile designer at the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin, a silent transition process started to change my work and it became more and more free and visual art. Some of my work oscillates still in the zone between visual art and design. A couple of years later I studied a master course for exhibition organization and art in public spaces at the same university and started to work with installation and object in museums, galleries and public spaces as well. I discovered art in public spaces as my way of expression because it isn’t elitist white cube art which is excluding “normal” citizens. It allows everybody to enjoy and participate. It could provoke questions or be simply beautiful, it also could be used as furniture – something between art and design, there are many ways to interpret art in public spaces and it’s important to me that it reacts to the surrounding or includes it in a way. Site specific art is always challenging and requires a dialogue between artist and space.

The variety of my work consists in design, painting, stained glass, object, installation and landart. In my recent work I’m creating outdoor installations and objects for fields, forests, lakes and rivers, mostly playing with the power of the elements by using various materials.
After having worked with glass and metal trash materials, another recent development in my work is the creation of objects, many of them in a textile context but not necessarily.
The recycling aspect is important in my work; a textile wind object destroyed by a thunderstorm for example had been transformed into a series of small objects.
The titles of my works many times are games with words in different languages, which are giving the works a second, mostly ironical level.
In my landart-installations I use to play with the elements, to activate the senses and to mark the landscape, regarding it in another context.
The sources of my inspirations for example are urban structures, architecture, landscapes, maps, natural structures, topographies, aerial photographs, ethnics, politics and unusual materials.

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