Katarzyna Łyszkowska

Katarzyna Łyszkowska

In my realizations I’m exploring the theme of inter-penetration the social, individual, and the collective identity in the full context of the sociological phenomenon. In my work I am referring to individual stories, biographies and history of the whole community. Our contemporary identity is influenced by this common source of acquired memories which anticipate the future.

In my projects I care about maintaining a balance between form and the message of art, that is why I’ve previously chosen the tool to the specificity of artwork meaning, using the broadly-understood drawing, illustrations, art-installation, multimedia and social interactions which allows me to reinterpret my piece of art into specific socio-rebus.

The symbolic use of paper – a delicate, natural, fully degrad -able material – gives me an opportunity to create stories depicting fleeting phenomena and the state of the human nature. Each work constitutes a specific art-puzzle based on my own experience and real-life situations, which makes me an active participant in the stories I tell.


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