Lia Kimura


I am a very sensitive and attentive observer of everyday reality. I transfer my observations into the canvas and treat each of them as a thread of stories about a man, extreme feelings and passing away. I paint complicated emotions, everyday worries, internal fears, and hidden desires.

I care about showing the ephemeral moments in life in a non-literal way. I do not present real people or situations. I create anonymous faces and do not identify them with real people. A common motif that appears on my canvases is the human body. I usually combine them with dead and dark background matter.

I am constantly looking for an intermediate state between figurative art and abstraction. I experiment with color and texture as well as images of mysterious figures. As a reflective person with melancholic nature, I often reflect on philosophical issues such as the nature of man and the world and the basis of one’s existence.

I do not treat art only as a learned profession. I try to create new realities in every free time, in the quiet studio, cut off from the world.

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