Lily Kennard

Mixed media/portrait painter

There is so much to see when looking at someone’s face: a freckle above the lip, peach fuzz on someone's cheek, or little golden flecks one has in their eyes. These intricacies are what I love to capture when I paint. Painting in acrylic helps me to capture as many details as I can and place it onto the canvas or whatever surface I am working on. Another thing that helps me to see every detail in one's face is to paint larger than life size. Painting on fifteen feet plywood, canvas, or walls helps me to scale up every detail so the viewer can actually see small details and focus their eyes on them. Painting large gets my heart racing because I no longer feel so contained to a 8” x 10” canvas. In highschool, my parents gave up their garage so I could paint on the walls and when I ran out of walls, we stretched canvases late into the night so I could start on a new piece in the morning.
Mixed media is also something that has interested me and made inspired to make new pieces that have different found elements in them. I love using gold leaf, nails, broken CDs, or anything that catches light. Using found media makes pieces turn from 2D to 3D and turn it into a sensory stimulating piece. In my piece “I'm Living” made in 2017, uses hundreds of pieces of broken CD’s to create a holographic element to the painting.

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