Mark Bleshenski

Sculpture, Found Objects, Altered Ready Mades

Use of everyday objects in my art is my way of connecting with the common things we touch every day and to interpret them in a new light.
Yes, in Climate Changer I am expressing my humorous side. Your first reaction may be to laugh at the idea of the bottles being bent by the force of the breeze from the fan. I hope to evoke a caricature which in this context may seem like an advertising campaign dreamed up by Madison Avenue with a catchy slogan for a soda company. I can also image a fan company named “Climate Changer”.
Yet beneath the humor is a sinister irony. The bottles are almost figurative and bent over as they toil in the heat and perspire in the humid air. The machine represents industrialization and presents a vain attempt at applying a fix to the problems it created. Beneath the humorous visual, a machine blows air across sweating bottles of soda in an absurd and futile attempt to fix the problem that it addresses.

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