Michał Jackowski


Michał Jackowski graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. In the centre of his compositions there are people, their spiritual condition and interpersonal relations. By using timeless, classical aesthetics Michał visualises everlasting problems with which everyone needs to confront. Classical elements go hand in hand with those borrowed from the world of pop-culture and encourage the viewers to reflect upon themselves as well as their here and now.

The artist, deeply rooted in the traditions of antiquity, binds the latter with our modern mythology of consumerism. His endeavours often result in vivid, striking works. Among the principal characters of his objects one can count both the ideas like beauty personified by Aphrodite or narcissism embodied by ancient god Apollo as well as common “Everyman” pictured via unindividualised, classical female and male faces.

Pop art symbols including speech balloons, chewing gums or the Beatles song lyrics juxtaposed with the above elements result in deep, intriguing and contrasting relationship, which, as the artist hopes, will inspire viewers to start a meaningful dialogue with the art works.

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