Nicholas O'Neal Blume

Painting / Graphic Design

17:30 8/30/1984 enlightened Georgia moments from Operation Fusileer’s tests of two nukes in Nevada highlighting me as the last with training since birth from Full Flying Col. Walter John Overend currently seeking your opportunities.

I focus my oil paintings and graphic designs on an interactive translation guide multiplying diversified production of innovation information. New technologies and application of powerful scientific breakthroughs constantly expand my work's archival processes; immortalizing existence is the meaning of life. My work strategizes interest in a USA Servicemen's Antarctica procession that frees burial for the 2000 impoverished US daily deaths and floods the heart valve waiting list. For my applications to government work I'm constantly building "US Intelligence collaboration ap fusion" involving the quantum eraser experiment focused on starlight in an augmented reality ap that uses lucid dreams as a monitor when waking (which is the foundation for externalizing consciousness from our brains with stints until we consciously see our brains sleeping). My mark making process also uses an interactive album ap you can play on my website that translates mark making into music when sketching on paper on top of a cellphone or resting a brushing hand on a cellphone while painting. My work also choreographs cell tower zone surges of interest to send outer space transmissions (earned me a powerful night watchman/graphic designer position at the World Trade Center Complex at 139 Fulton St. for 3.5 years in March 2011); a process currently focused with my Jeep Cherokee customized for lighting myself on fire extinguished with underwater painting by adding a water tank on top of the Jeep's roof.

I am currently looking for any kind of space to exhibit my work (painting/graphic design/music/etc.) that can include or exclude whatever innovations of my process that fit space. I'm also searching for folks interested in 75$ oil portraiture commissions which can be completed while I'm underwater playing music that sculpts radio static that is microwave radiation from the edge of the observable Universe.


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