Rebecca Aldammad


As a painter my work is often described as emotive and experimental. While I may actively pull on specific moments to emulate within a piece, it is when viewers seek to further explore sentiment themselves that excites me. They may not see what I was feeling, but my work can play a part in helping them illuminate understanding within themselves.

In practice I do not limit my medium, utilizing any materials that become available; from henna dye, to physical elements of a frame, or similar sources. The natural stylistic choices I make bend to whichever comes to mind at the moment, at times resulting in a whimsical but somewhat dark aesthetic.

Artistic expression had always been a factor in my life. While my own self critical perspective has in the past stifled sharing my work with the public, a new chapter in my life has been forged on eliminating internal judgement. Since then I have produced exponentially more work, and have reached numerous people with my work. A student of art history, placing my own work within a context of society is more uniquely aided by my formal education in psychology.

My painting and photographic work has been published, commissioned, exhibited, and honored with accolade by various institutions within recent years including MAF Café and Gallery, the Lou Loft Show, USA Today, and as Runner Up in the People’s Choice Gallery Exhibit.

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