Sarah Kitteridge

Mixed Media Artist

The Automatic Body represents the potential for an artist or group of artists to explore the nature of human behaviour and the mysteries of human consciousness; void of an ego (sense of self/I). The Automatic Body invites us to work as one; transcend ourselves; to be part of something greater than our own identity. In practical terms The Automatic Body is a series of events, performances, workshops and works of art. The Automatic Body was founded by Sarah Kitteridge, born in Birmingham, 1995, the multi-media artist Sarah Kitteridge studied Fine Art BA at the historical Birmingham School of Art. Kitteridge began by as a child playing and making. As with most Artists never truly growing up and through her youth continuing to be interested in the idea of co-creating at one with the universe. Art School brought about many challenges and conflicts in Kitteridge’s life both personally and professionally. But determination saw her graduate in July 2018 with a First Class degree. Kitteridge, now living in. East London, continues her with her professional practise; investigating the moment where advanced technology and humanistic values meet. Simply put she uses live performance to satire the our relationship and connection with technology. But moving beyond that to ask viewers more complex philosophical questions about how we engage with the present moment. How the body responses, almost automatically, both in terms of physical sensuality and in the way of the mind/consciousness.

At the core to The Automatic Body work is an exploration of human experience. From the choreography to the unpredictable reaction of the audience. The Automatic Body is the acknowledgement of extensive variables involved in an engaging an art work.

The Automatic Body is a montage of live performance, costume, props, video, social sculpture and spoken word that engages with the fears of advanced computational tools. Using gesture, movement and costume to satire the limitations and dangers surrounding modern technology. The performances present the audience an opportunity to spectate dystopian characters engulfed in their own digital realities. The Automatic Body invites you to create, collaborate or simply question how we as humans navigate the world and those around us.

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