Sylvia Royal BA(Hons)

Professional Artist

Art for me is not being restricted and not being afraid of changing directions. The excitement of being unrestricted is intensified by the awareness that the outcome is sometimes never known.

Everything in my studio is important to me, the objects that sit around me triggers off my thought process, but still finding inspiration from the environment that surrounds me. The places I have seen, the different cultures, shapes, textures, objects and close observation of the colours, the lightness and the darkness of areas.

I work on a wide variety of projects so I never get bored. I never seem to run out of experience or suffer any creative blocks, but there are times when I suffer anxiety with regard to ‘what I am going to do next!’

As a professional artist and potter, I work in a wide range of media techniques, materials, different clay and firing techniques, and then I draw from all aspects of my work, always having the same intention to follow my own path to produce my next creation.

Hope you enjoy my web site.

Sylvia Royal BA(Hons)
University of Staffordshire

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