Issue Two

Political Art

The current political landscape seems rife with uncertainty, unpredictability and a certain amount of fragility, 2019 bringing in a new level of political stalemate. From ‘strong and stable’ and ‘brexit means brexit’ to ‘we will make america great again’ and ‘its fake news’ nonsensical political jargon sound bites seem to keep the remnants of the political elite trudging forwards. Corruption and climate change denial would seem to be a precursor for US and UK politics, our politicians, masters in the art of avoidance tactics and in some cases outright lies all in the aid of political gain. This culminating in the increasing selfish attitude of politicians, focusing on inward financial growth evident in Trump’s border wall and Theresa May’s thirst to end free movement. 


Whether it’s focusing on serious, complex societal problems or touching humour into political issues, it seems the responsibility and relevance of art as a tool to share socio-political issues is very beneficial in inspiring public awareness. We were very interested to see artists creating responsive, challenging work that addresses cultural power structures, social challenges and environmental issues, it’s fair to say the artwork entered to this open call covered a wide variety of these global topics.