Art for Advent 2019
art for advent 2019

Holly Watson

When I began my Art for Advent project I had no idea where it would lead. I was in a place where I felt quite stagnant with my work, and couldn’t figure out how to move forward. I’d end up in front of the mirror drawing terrible portraits of myself to try and keep the creative juices flowing. The pile of scrunched up ‘me’s was steadily growing, as was my frustration. When I found Art for Advent I thought that having to make something everyday would at least mean I couldn’t chuck it in the bin straight away.

Almost immediately my attitude and way of working changed. I just wanted to have fun with these artworks, something that had been lacking in my previous pieces. It didn’t matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ each piece was because I could make another one the next day- all the pressure was lifted. My work became playful and I was excited to be painting everyday.

Having said that, in the middle of the project I moved from Australia to New Zealand which meant a week and a bit living in hostels. That was quite tough, finding the time and space and being in the right mindset to work. My art during that time became smaller and I found myself working out of my sketchbook more. But even that was a good experience because it showed me that I can create wherever I am.

I am so pleased with the art I produced over those 24 days. I pushed myself on my use of colour and have begun to expand my subject matter/composition. Working with inks and fluid acrylics, that in many ways have a mind of their own, was very freeing and I loved not knowing exactly how each piece would turn out. I can’t wait to continue this body of work and see what new weird and colourful characters I’ll create.