Art for Advent 2019
art for advent 2019

Hsuan Han Wu

“Great grandfather reluctantly moved to the big city, dragging along his agricultural skills. There was no demand for any kind of farm work. All he could do was sit at home and make rope from plastic bags all day, none of which he could sell. Eventually, our house was full of plastic rope and my family was strangely blessed by this plastic repetition, this new ritual.” My practice shows time and the contradiction. I am interested in the hidden images behind ritualistic drawing and the tedium of constant labour. Starting with repetitive marks, the process of my practice may seem uninteresting. However, I am always waiting for the organic patterns and narratives to slowly emerge from the surface of boredom. “People who are not bored cannot tell stories. But there is no longer any place for boredom in our lives” - Walter Benjamin, in a short piece published in the Frankfurter Zeitung in 1932 titled “The Handkerchief.”