Art for Advent 2019
art for advent 2019

Lori Spillman

I am a grad student working towards Clinical Mental Health Counseling and will add my love and need for working in expressive arts into my practice to help clients access feelings, their voice, and events easier.

I work in many mediums and often combine them in collage form, i.e. ink with paper, watercolors, pastels, material combined with objects as in art quilting, and art felting. I also enjoy taking photos and added a few wintry scenes during these 24 days. I'm a nature girl and find my inspiration and calm there. Many of the pieces depict just that and for me also have a feeling of a little mystery to them.

Art is a process. Through these 24 days, I have gained some perspective on what it takes to make art daily, the time constraints that are inevitable with other daily tasks, and I have learned a little more about myself during this adventure.