Art for Advent 2019
art for advent 2019

Rosita Larsson

For the second year in a row, I'm on a fun, challenging and inspiring task, creating a work of art one day for 24 days! I am used to sometimes making paintings that take months, very detailed and if I start I have a hard time stopping. Now I had to simplify and not have the same perfection claim on myself ... ... hey it's done in one day! Of course, because it is the Christmas month, a lot of inspiration came from it because I tried to take the challenge of prep for the big weekends .... Christmas shopping, markets, gifts, all candles ... you all know. For the first 14 days I was very inspired, painted, drawn and experimented with styles I normally do not work with, and my old style also, fortunately I had sometimes made several articles a day so I had for the whole 24 days.In addition, I photograph a lot and now at Christmas time wonderful motifs.

The world in my eyes is a magical place filled with goodness, hope and beauty.But I am not blind for all the darkness ! My optimistic attitude allows me to to have a lighter perspective on life. but always have a straw of melancholy with me ...I exhibited World wide for exampel in USA,UK,Italy,Brazil And I do a lot of artwork for charety….. books exhibitions raise money for projects such as clean water, refugee camps,etc