Stephanie Katapodi

Day Four


"The word "clarity" is translated in Greek as "διαύγεια". The etymology of the word is "δια=through" + "αυγή = dawn". In essence, clarity could mean a type of passage through the dawn. The dawn is a type of birth of the sun in a new day. It breaks through the darkness of the night to shed light to the "daily" path. Metaphorically this path leads to the light. And since the word "διαύγεια" or clarity in English is meant to describe a state, it does not specifically refer to the actual movement that a spirit performs whilst walking towards the light. It describes the state of a body that has become a transparent prism to the two-way passage of the pure energy of the light. The light passes through it to reach the ground and returns through it to be spread again to the universe.


The circular points in the design do not refer to the chakras per se, they simply pinpoint the three "brains" of one's body. By understanding your mind, heart and body, you can reach a point where you can control the demands that it has learned to express. By silencing these demands, you can reach a state of silence. Once you embrace that silence, you can experience the light passing through you in absolute abundance. After that point, it is your choice to choose the light.


Last but not least, the body is presented with its reflection, so that it is seen as complete. A body that is complete is a body that has found its other "spiritual" half. (Note: This comment is not to be mistaken with romance, or soulmates).

Besides, there is a theory that true clarity can only be achieved by complete individuals. So this image is meant to depict my view of what the archetype of clarity is and thus, the undisturbed two-way passage of the pure light through a complete body."

Materials: pencil, watercolour


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Stephanie Katapodi