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Nirit Ovadia
Nirit Ovadia

Nirit Ovadia
Nirit Ovadia


A special exhibition was supposed to be opened this month. The exhibition is intended to display artworks which are based on the "Road story"project, I have initiated, where artists create artworks inspired by road accidents' victims.

Galleries are still closed in the entire globe, and therefore the exhibition will be postponed... I also participate in this exhibition through an artwork inspired by a story of a woman who was injured in a road accident. Today I made progress in painting her icon...

The story behind the artwork which I called:

The light calls me from the depths

Ilanit was a soldier when she went out to spend time with friends at a club. It happened on their way home. Fatigue and alcohol overwhelmed the driver and he crashed into a pillar of street lighting. The vehicle spun around several times ... like a roulette ... as it stopped, the fate of Ilanit was determined.

She was not defeated. This is a story of courage, determination, and the choice of light. Even when she was in the dark, Ilanit's face was directed up towards the light.

It seems symbolic that after the accident, it was necessary to release her head from the windshield of the vehicle to which she had been hurled.

There is a double meaning in the red color that stars in her story. In moments of anxiety she experiences an internal fire, and imagines herself covered with blood…

Ilanit does not give up to the physical and mental pain, and the red of her dress represents the strength of her soul and her passion for life. The phrase "I was born to prevail" is tattooed on her leg and engraved in her inner being.

Above this inscription is a tattoo of a lotus flower. A beautiful flower which grows out of the marsh. American author Suzy Kassem said of it: "Although it grows into life under the mud, it does not allow the dirt around it to affect its growth or beauty."

Ilanit is in a constant struggle to rise from the depths and flourish ... very much like the lotus…