Rachel Escoe

This fun residency that I’m doing right now has got me thinking about how telling my story helps people to understand my artwork. Why am I so obsessed with mountains and tree lines?! Well let me tell you. For me there is this very special time of day, DUSK. It took me having several moments of calm, mindfulness and magic at this time of day to realize I needed to crawl out of my hole that I had built for myself and start living again. Depression sneaks up on you. I had never really experienced it before until I lost several things at once. Feelings of alienation, not being understood, underestimated and regret were taking a hold of me and eating me from the inside out. Looking at the Cascade mountains here in the Columbia River Gorge was slowly bringing me back to life. It was almost like a slap in the face looking at those evening highlighted lights hitting those crispy mountains and tree lines. The experience helped me to pull myself up and start realizing the things I have and the new community I am apart of. Art has always been therapeutic for me and what pleases me the most is when people who have my work share with me the feelings that it brings them. That to me is success. Sending love out to you all from Rachel Escoe Glass.


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