Anna Borrie

I am inside the space where my ideas flow out and take on another form. Everything is a work in progress, hence the sign. Everything points to nature, so when I look up my gaze is on the plants on the windowsill. Everything is chaos and scattered, which is exactly how I leave my workspace.

In a land far away...the same thing is happening

Letters made from recycled plastic waste

Today I have hung out my thoughts about the pandemic

Arma / Amar

a weapon/to love

Letters made from recycled plastic waste

A reduced view.

A series of photos of the view taken through a hole in a pot plant.

Estany Ratera, Pyreenes Catalunia Watercolour and acrylic on recycled cardboard

To find my equilibrium

I stare at a mountain range

I swim in deep cold lakes

I wander through darkened woods

I gaze at the night sky

What does nature need to find is equilibrium?

Maybe jus ta few weeks holiday from us

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