Issue Eleven

2xG Art Group | Jialin Guan

London and China

As an advanced function of human, consciousness let us know matter and reconstruct matter. However, it is the existence of matter that led human to develop consciousness. There seems to be a paradox, or a so-called chaotic thought beyond human. It is human intelligence, consciousness and life which seems advanced that traps us in a narrow space. We rely too much on the mechanism of self-maturity to operate and change, only to find we are reduced to our own slaves. We forget the basic duty of existence and primitive rules around us. Considering the relationship between human consciousness and material existence, I make the contradiction between nature and modern society built by human the theme for my photographs. The scenes were shot at my hometown where natural environment and modern society coexist. I want to explore the reconstruction of land, trees, water, animals and other natural elements due to people’s participation, through which I hope to elaborate the profound influence of human behavior to transform and control nature on nature. //