Issue Eleven

Alessia Camoirano Bruges


I was born in Italy. My mother is Colombian. I currently live in London. My interests and my work focuses on human emotions, womanhood and identity. I want to encourage a conversation around identity and the human experience.

I employ different methods such as film, painting and writing. My art is my response to the world's current situation and increased anxiety.  I am constantly researching, studying and portraying my identity. My inspiration comes from the intensity of my inner self. That way, canvas are a journey, they portray raw intense emotional reactions to experiences with a psychedelic touch. In order to convey my message, I write and paint very fast, my work is an outburst, a need, something unique because of the nature of the method that I use.

Art is a way for me to stay present at the moment and is a medium to portray identity through trauma and chaos as well as healing and nature.

I allow my hands to follow the deepest corners of my mind and explore situations that happened to me and around me, with intensity.When I paint I feel connected to something greater than myself. These canvas are so personal, they are a vivid representation of my inner self, when I look at them, things make sense.

When I let go, I am finally free from unhealthy fear, anxiety, hurt. Many times I feel trapped by my emotions, society and time, therefore I portray them as fluid chaotic rivers. I want to create a sense of peacefull confusion. I gave my paintings the name INTENSE EMOTIONAL REACTIONS because many times my anxieties and emotions were stigmatized, mocked. Sentences such as "women are too emotional" "You should not feel like that" etc when all I wanted was to express myself. Therefore I used the term intensity and emotional to create something meaningful for me and hopefully, for others.

What I do is not a choice but a need to create constantly to let out parts of myself that I can no longer carry with me, wether they are healthy or unhealthy parts. Doing abstract art taught me to let things go. When I let go, I am finally free from unhealthy fear, anxiety, hurt.

Emotions are fluid, they are constantly moving and despite feeling them intensely, despite the despair, they pass. //