Issue Eleven

Aneta / Lux


Year 94. In 2017 a bachelor’s diploma

'Happiness_Demo” with excellent results

with distinction, in the Installation Studio

and Cybermedia dr hab. Andrzej Wasilewski, at the Art Academy in Szczecin, at the Faculty of Painting and New Media. Annex from painting in the Painting Studio dr hab. Bartłomiej Otocki and dr Katarzyna Szeszycka.

In 2019, the master’s diploma „LucyFair”

in the studio of dr hab. Kai Renkas. at the University of Silesia in Katowice, at the Art Department of the Art Institute in Cieszyn, majoring in game design and virtual space.

Participant of many exhibitions and national and international festivals. The main areas of activity are painting, 3d graphics and interactive projects. Raised on punk and the internet.

Interests: shamanism, transhumanism and robots.