Issue Eleven

Beth Luxton


Beth Luxton is a London based artist who’s work is predominantly mixed media based. Dream visuals and psychoanalysis have always been a key source of inspiration for her when creating. And it was through these interests she was able to develop my her own intense, hyper feminine, day dream visuals and explore the powerful nature and underlining darkness behind this stereotypical femininity, giving something that is renowned for its fragility a vast amount of emotional strength and unease.


The main motivation for her work is solely self indulgent, for she uses it as a coping mechanism, which henceforth allows her to manifest my own personal conflicts into a visual representation that is digestible for others. But in doing so her work usually transforms into something that is so sweet, it is sickly, evoking an array of responses that allow her to explore the unusual relationship between the cute and the un-nerving alongside what makes a piece of artwork uncomfortable and uncanny. //