Issue Eleven

Brandon ONeill

Los Angeles, CA

My growing body of work focuses on the land and how humans use, abuse, and traverse it. I am interested in geology and the relationship humans have with the land that has been carved, weathered, subducted and uplifted over millions of years. Dust covered roads weaving through the desert, telephone poles dotting otherwise pristine hills-- the mark of humankind reaches far throughout the natural world. We use the land to our advantage but at our own risk--  nestling subdivisions in fire-prone canyons and mining deep for energy sources in areas completely unfit for human habitation, clearing forests in favor of crop land and draining reservoirs to power distant metropolises.  I aim to capture the stark vastness of landscape and time in comparison to the blip of human activities that dot it.  Emotions past residing inside a shuttered home on overgrown land, a deer carcass decaying on top of a centuries old graveyard-- I seek to showcase the fragility not only of the land, but of the civilization on top of it.