Issue Eleven

Jay Sullivan


I create photography and video based art. My work falls at the intersection of memory, psychology and the creative process. I intentionally choose subjects that challenge my emotional and psychological boundaries, seeking to understand limitations within myself. I then create a creative process that helps me go beyond those limitations. The creative process and its resulting effect upon the artist, and the art, is the core of my work.


I have studied psychology and creative process for many years, attending numerous classes, workshops and retreats with noted teachers that include: La Mama playwright, Jean Claude Van Itallie; New York performance coach, Carol Fox Prescott; Voice, Breathing and Alexander Coach, Jean McClelland; Life Coach, Anthony Robbins; and relationship coaches, Barry and Joyce Vissell.


I also studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and received my Masters of Fine Art in Creative Practice from the University of Plymouth UK/Transart Institute for Creative Research in 2018. //