Issue Eleven

Jenny Nash - Sullen Riot Photography


Jenny Nash uses the experiential nature of her photographic practice as an important component in her work. Nash documents spaces of memory and appropriates PTSD treatments such as returning to sites of past trauma with her camera.


Alternatively she confront past trauma in self portraiture sessions which enables her to access deep memories and converse with elements of her history thought to have been abandoned to the unconscious. This practice methodology of Solo-Phototherapy is derived from the work of Rosy Martin and Jo Spence who developed phototherapy in the 80's.


Nash experiments with different methods of deconstruction and reconstruction of self portraits in an attempt to draw content from the unconscious into the conscious as research into photographic abstract expressionism.


This is all practiced within the perimeters of her own methodology of Auto-Pathography which she developed from the work of photographic artist Dr. Spencer Rowell.