Issue Eleven

Nahanni McKay

Banff, Canada

Nahanni is a Metis artist based in Banff, Alberta.

She studied photography at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver, BC. There, she was featured in exhibitions around Vancouver.

Her photography has won awards such as the 'Koh - Verchere Award for Athletic and Creative Excellence' as well as the 'CIBC Aboriginal Art Award.'

Nahanni's practice is connected to the land of the Canadian Rockies where she grew up. She communicates this unique connection through film based photography focusing on the human impact on wildlife.


Banff - being one of the most visited breathtaking destinations in the world - has an incredibly high volume of human traffic. This amount of people takes a heavy impact on the environment regardless of how careful we are. When she's not in her studio she enjoys backcountry skiing and craft beer. //