Issue Thirteen
Artist Profile 


London, U.K.

I was born in Russia and now live in the U.K.'s buzzing multicultural capital, London.

In my works, I am looking to explore the world around us, it’s wisdom, beauty and imperfection, through the language of words that look like, and sometimes illustrated with, pictures. I look, where appropriate, to combine the warmth and tactility of paper, richness and glistening of ink, delicacy and energy of the lines, symbols and symbolic meaning to produce both traditional Japanese calligraphy and exploratory works.

In the works presented here I combine my love of Japanese arts with love of life and nature around us, highlighting the fleeting images formed by ink on the surface of the water in the traditional Japanese suminagashi technique with black card cut-outs to achieve lasting snapshot images of fleeting and fragile nature.

(Profile Image courtesy of Bold Photography 2020)