Issue Twelve
Artist Profile 

Carla Timoc

Hohberg, Germany

Carla Timoc is an Romanian artist based in Germany, recently graduated the MA degree in Photography at University of Art and Design from Cluj-Napoca. She experiments mostly with film format and instant photography, and she exhibited in places such as Paris, New Delhi, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.

Her work usually seeks the idea of "conncection" between the viewer, process, and the artwork itself, however the primary root of all the artistic process is human condition deconstructed and observed in-depth in a manner that is almost anti-perfectionism. It usually creates a metaphysical space where the viewer is encouraged to deconstruct himself to the core, and color, texture and composition play, of course a big part of it. The purpose is to break down the barrier between the viewer and the work itself. The photographs are encouraging the individual to pass into a deep state of self-analys. Using abstract photography does not necessarily describe something concrete about our materialism, but it gives the observer the chance to see his own story and and analyse it more deeply.

I think we need this type of "healing" art today more than ever.