Issue Twelve
Artist Profile 

Corn Shuk Mei Ho


​I graduated with an MFA from the University of Arts London, Wimbledon College of Arts in 2016, and have a BA in Fine Arts and French Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2010. I live and work in London. Since graduating I have shown my works in both solo and group exhibitions in the UK and Hong Kong, and my works reside in several private collections.

I set out to explore the deepest levels of the human subconscious. The atmospheric, melancholic tones of my drawings and paintings evoke sensations of dislocation. These works document my interest in what is lost and what is found, the ambivalence between what is the fleeting memory and what is synthesized as a trace within the landscape.

I had a solo exhibition in Fringe Club, Hong Kong in May and a double solo exhibition in the Chelsea Waterside Artspace, London in July 2019. Three paintings (City, Swimming Pool and Party) from the Night Swims series have been awarded 1st Painting Prize from D Contemporary Painting Prize 2019 at D Contemporary in Mayfair, London. I will have a solo exhibition in D contemporary in September and will join the Joya: AiR Spain and the Art Park in Rhodes, Greece residencies in 2020.