Issue Twelve
Artist Profile 

Kurt Beardsley

Portland, Oregon, USA

  1. I have been inspired by photography since my youth, having received my first camera when I was nine years old, back when images were silver-halide based and fans still had metal blades. My approach to photography is often raw and unadorned, seeking to capture that moment which reflects the emotions of the circumstances in that particular time and space. In addition to photography, I have a great passion for travel and cultures, of being lost, and seeking beauty that lay behind every bend in the road. I also love life and the potential we have as human beings to evolve into something more than what we currently seem to be, and envision a world where reason, sanity, respect, and beauty on a global level, rule the day. When not trying to find global harmony and an almost spiritual connection to our Mother Earth, I can usually be found elsewhere, if you know where to look.