Issue Twelve
Artist Profile 

Rae Hull

Saint Augustine, FL, USA

  1. My name is Rae Hull, and I am currently a last-year undergraduate student pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts at Flagler College.
  2. I like to employ an interdisciplinary practice in which I am working through different mediums and approaches to explore a variety of conceptual matter. However, my work often exists between the realms of sculpture and photography. I am interested in how facets of identity such as gender, ethnicity, mental health, and spirituality shape how our relationship with ourselves and with the world. My work most frequently engages with the construction of masculine identity throughout history and into contemporary times, aiming to complicate problematic facets of how masculinity is cultivated that have either been ignored or encouraged through a cultural group mentality. I am particularly interested in how these characteristics permeate current transmasculine culture.
  3. The content of my work often gravitates toward such subject matter due to my experience as a transgender individual working through gender-affirming therapy and a medical transition. However, the motivation goes beyond my own experiences. I have come to understand through my own transition the ways in which we are all influenced to understand who we are and what roles we hold from a very young age without proper tools or language for discerning what suits us and what does not.