Issue Twelve
Artist Profile 

Stacy Isenbarger

Moscow, Idaho, USA

Stacy Isenbarger is a mixed-media sculptor and educator, driven to strengthen a more dynamic, connective community through creative exchange. In her artwork, she simultaneously investigates ideas and materials, transforming the familiar into forms that challenge our assumptions of environmental and cultural barriers. Through constructed, mixed-media tensions, her work speaks to our allusive edges and our connection to memory and place through our sense of touch. Collapsed wooden molding from old homes and oddly shaped, constructed upholstery tell subtle stories of conflicts that inhabit us. Soft surfaces textures, like velvet, illicit a sense of touch, loss, awe and veneration with our nature & valued space.


She lives in Moscow, Idaho, USA where she works as an Associate Professor of Art + Design at the University of Idaho. When she is not creating or teaching—and sometimes when she is—she’s usually dancing. The act continuously validates her joy of creative community collaborative space.