Ben Ryan

Killarney County Kerry, Ireland

Ben Ryan started his career in the mid 1990's in Chicago while attending the American Academy of Art where he studied painting and illustration. Leaving the Academy after a year, he began working professionally in a scenic studio painting backgrounds for film and photography sets. While in Chicago he worked with a group of artists showing their individual works in bespoke galleries until he left for Ireland in 2005. 

In Ireland he has been painting in a solo capacity and had his first solo exhibition in 2016 in a Killarney gallery. He has shown work in a collective charity exhibition in Killarney for the last three years. And in 2019 Ben exhibited at the KFest Arts Festival in Killorglin.

My current collection of work called "Futur" represents a social commentary on the environmental and industrial impact on our world and the future of our society. It is my aim for these paintings to challenge the viewer to ask themselves and to question what needs to be done in order to avoid a future where hope would be lost.  Is it the future or is it the past? Will we learn from the past to change the future? Or will we continue to repeat the same mistakes and endanger what lies ahead? 

For this collection I have used all reclaimed canvases and wood panels. With a mixed media approach incorporating oil paint, spray and in some cases collage of historical handwritten family letters and vintage articles to emphasize an underlying sense of past. My style is an abstract realism in the sense of bringing forward a realistic subject in an abstract context. As if the viewer is seeing the subject through a distorted lens into an apocalyptic world.