IODES LYKOS [martin.]

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

IODES LYKOS represents a life-long effort of both individuality and collaboration. Named after an other-worldly wolf with a kaleidoscope fur coat, IODES LYKOS seeks to contribute to the world with honesty, integrity, and a little bit of that good ol' weirdness.


Born in that charming city beside the Chesapeake Bay, martin. traded the Atlantic's dawn for cacti and coyotes with tree-framed skies after following The Evening Star west, stopping to rest in The Valley of the Sun where he found a new life, his wife and furry family. Due to a neurological condition called synesthesia, this photographer's world remains unseen to all but himself. In practice, the camera acts as an apparatus to strip away the filters over his perception--a dimmer light--that, once removed, reveals to him the lucid and fundamental world that lies beneath. martin. strives to document the colorful minutia and structural wonders that are often overlooked in the ever-passing moment; the fractals hidden in the plants of a suburban yard, the contrast of snow upon a desert scene, or the pollen on the appendages of a honey bee. //