JP McGillicuddy

Charlotte, NC USA

I'm compelled to create. To make something interesting, important, good. As a child of the 1960s, I hoped it would be music, the kind that makes people sing and dance or perhaps evokes laughter or tears. However, my lack of musical talent deflected me to a different journey where I discovered a love of writing and photography. Essentially, it's about telling stories, whether in words or images, sometimes both. 

I've been fortunate to make a living telling stories for others, spanning a variety of subjects such as sports, health care, government, business, and travel. These days, however, I'm telling stories because they interest me, inspire me, make me happy and sometimes make me sad. Almost always, I find these stories in nature -- the unique beauty of each sunset, the staggering diversity of landscapes, the strength and frailty of wildlife. It's an amazing world out there, and so many stories to tell.