Jade Miners



Jade Miners was born in Norfolk and is currently studying as a PhD Fine Art student at the Institute of the Arts, Carlisle. With a passion for animal studies Miners adopts an interdisciplinary approach to a critique on anthropocentrism, which during a time of great social-ecological collapse has become ever more important to investigate human influences over non-human animals and the environments in which they reside. Miners focuses on ethical complications within art and culture exploring the usage of non-human animals within our society. Using the processes of art she investigates the effectiveness of both the organic and synthetic substitutions for animal matter with regards to their sustainability, biodegradability, and the impact that they inflict upon the environment. By locating the ethical dimensions of using the animal representationally and as a material, Miners speculates whether this can (or ever will) be achieved in a way that is determined as ethically safe. In shifting our political realities into uncomfortable focus artists function on the periphery of social acceptance and aspire a means for proposing effective spurs for change, a concept Miners hopes to encourage and contribute towards.