Kerry B

Bellingham, WA, USA

I am a photographer hailing from Bellingham, Washington, USA. My main areas of focus are representations of the body and environmental sustainability, and often the two are combined in my artistic process. I enjoy working with digital, analog and alternative process photography. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography from Western Washington University.

Capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest is an ongoing venture in my photographic process. As a Pacific Northwest Native, I have a deep appreciation for and connection to this lush geographic region. My images are created with environmental sustainability at the forefront, and I always practice Leave No Trace principles while on a shoot.

My portraiture work deals with issues of identity, intimacy, body positivity, vulnerability and human connection to nature. My images are captured with care and consent at the forefront, and those who sit for the camera are free to represent themselves however they feel is most authentic. Their bodies are not airbrushed nor are my images heavily processed. //