Leslie Tucker

New York, NY USA

In veiled and covert ways my photo art explores what we buy, what we buy into, and how we are led by a culture of artful sellers. My projects examine the collision of the American Dream with our humanity—to better understand who we are, who we've been, and who we are becoming. 

I interweave hundreds if not thousands of sourced elements into my work to assemble worlds from a labyrinth of parts. My practice is like adhesive-free collage making on anabolic steroids. My artistic goal is to lure my audience with intricate appeal and then upon closer inspection, to assault with disquieting content. My work is an inquiry into how we might come to terms with the frictions of our discomforts and disillusionment as a way to understanding, and perhaps transcending, our hypocrisies and our blindness within the contemporary world. //