Lucy Stevens

Leicester, UK


Lucy Stevens has created work for exhibitions, art fairs, residencies and commissions across the UK and internationally.


She works from her studio in Leicester at StudionAme to create multimedia artworks inspired by birds and the natural environment, using drawing and painting to visualise birdsong and field recording to produce music, sound installations and performances.


She collaborates with scientists, ornithologists and museum curators to celebrate the value and beauty of nature and to highlight wildlife conservation issues.


Stevens has created work as part of residencies in Scotland (Cove Park), Brussels (Hotel Bloom), France (CAMAC in Marnay sur Seine) and Sweden (Ricklundgarden in Saxnas) to document the rural landscape and its wildlife. Her work has been exhibited in shows across the UK, including London at the Affordable Art Fair and The Other Art Fair.


Her recent solo exhibition ‘Bird Skins’ (29 May – 12 June 2019) at the Lightbox Gallery in Leicester was inspired by Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, an early dictionary outlining colour matches across the natural kingdoms. Stevens was granted access to the natural science collections at New Walk Museum to create multi-media artworks focusing on the order, variety and beauty of colour in nature. The new collection uses photography as a starting point, layered with household paint, wax pastel, spray paint, Indian ink, graph paper and genuine 24 carat gold leaf. //