Stephanie Sherwood

Los Angeles, CA

The elevation of abject forms fascinates me—raw meat splayed out on a cutting board or stuffed into a plastic container; fleshy shapes bound within a rigid cage; haphazard fabric, plastic and paper cast aside in a shopping cart. The stark contrast of chaos within structure strikes a sort of unexpected beauty. My explorations begin with strong lines and progress with thick paint. Recently, the expression of these fleshy obsessions have manifested into sculptural forms using cardboard, wood and leather. They have even become urban art interventions on discarded furniture in Los Angeles.


Stephanie Sherwood is an artist and curator living in Los Angeles. She has been involved in the inaugural curatorial projects for both Finishing Concepts and LTAC Studio located on the third floor of the Little Tokyo Arts complex and has curated shows at the Torrance Art Museum and Durden and Ray at the Bendix Building in Downtown Los Angeles. She currently works as a curatorial assistant for both the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery and the Art Program at Los Angeles International Airport. Her work has been shown internationally and in the United States, including LA Artcore, The Torrance Art Museum, The Brand Library and Art Center and DAC Gallery. //