A journal of nature photography, abstract and realist art, Climate Illustrated and eco structure..

This issue is dedicated to rewilding, an account of stories, ideas, thoughts and artwork surrounding the pursuit to ‘Re-Wild’ planet earth.Collectively, speaking to the need to refocus our lives around nature, shifting societal conversations and exploring new ways to engage, evaluate and achieve.




Quin De La Mer (Cover Artist)


Issue Thirteen Artist Interviews

Discover artwork and artists involved in Issue Thirteen, look through the full artist interviews and explore profiles from artists involved in this issue. 

Murze Magazine is an artist run platform dedicated to sharing the work of both established and emerging artists and creators. Issues of the magazine are produced throughout the year, publishing various collections of artwork.


Each issue features artwork entered to our recent topical artist calls, a handful of artists from a variety of backgrounds and genres are selected to take part in an artist interview. We pride ourselves in ensuring all work featured in the magazine is of a high quality and standard.


Murze examines artwork with a specific focus on the exploration of current social, political and environmental issues. We look at new ideas and concepts that challenge and engage with the world around.

We hold regular artist calls and art projects, for example minimalist, circular art, and photography calls along with art for advent a yearly 24 day art project run over the course of the advent period.

Entering our artist projects does not guarantee your work to be featured in the magazine, however all work entered to our projects gets featured on our website after the launch of each magazine. There is a submission fee to enter each of our projects and art calls, this fund is vital to the production of the magazine. We also welcome artists to add a profile to our artists page, a space to share your work and ideas with readers and art collectors.


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