"Upload + share #myzine

Scribble it, save it, but don't scrap it, 

Recycled and recyclable paper 

For developing, creating and sharing ideas and artwork"

This is a rolling project, get your journal to participate. One tree will be planted and 10% will go to arts and minds for each participant.

Scribble Book



The Project provides a base for art creation and storytelling, To get involved purchase your journal on our store, 

these are to be used as a basis for creating and sharing art; illustrations, stories, painting, collage and more. Creating a personal #myzine to share and express your creativity. 


We want to open up and merge the process of zine making with the process of using a sketch book. Journals are used primarily as an instrument to make something further, filling the pages with ideas, thoughts, designs. We want to make the journal at the centre of the artwork, celebrating and lifting the lid off creative diversity that often goes unseen in our journals.


There are two elements to this project, The Journal and the digital resource; My Zine.


The Scribble Book will serve as the physical format to create pieces, with the ability to quickie photograph crop and upload new pieces to Murze.


My Zine will provide a platform for participants to share updates of their work in progress, along with finished pages and artwork directly to Your work will become part of a collection of artist journals which will be made available to be viewed on our website, forming an archive. 




Scribble book is a simple handy A6 Journal designed by artists for artists. The book is made from 100% recycled paper with a nice heavy 170gsm page weight to the pages. It consists of 78 pages. It's perfect for drawing, writing, cutting and pasting and painting, covering all the basic uses of a Journal. 


With this empty book in hand we want artists to consider the material privilege we are enjoying, respecting the ability to create, a privilege we so often overlook in the western world. Hopefully by considering each page before it is used this will encourage you to create journals that are bristling with vibrance and imagination. 




My Zine is the platform designed to share your ideas, artwork and stories on Murze. The hashtag #myzine and platform on Murze will form the basis for participants to share their work with our audiences, retaining a collection of your pieces in a digital archive. 


By participating and purchasing the journal you will be subscribed to an online portal to post images and updates of your Journal directly to our website. From June artists will be able to start posting images of their work, and updates through our online platform. You will be contacted once the digital resource goes live in June to get posting. 




To get involved, purchase your Scribble Book Journal on our store, you will receive an email package with further information regarding the project and upload process. Once you receive your Journal get creative! You will be able to begin sending work to murze immediately, work will be appearing in waves so watch this space


There are two purchase options. The first option simply includes your journal. The second option will include your journal, along with a canvas case, recycled paper pencil and a free issue of murze. Both options include the digital resource associated with the project.


Additionally for every participant one tree will be planted (You can find updates on this on our instagram as we plant later this year) and 10% goes directly to Arts and Minds a charity helping people suffering with mental health issues

We will be in regular contact with participating artists, sharing updates, project ideas and feature opportunities in the magazine.