The beauty of art is that there are no rules inside this world, you can touch the sky and be part of it in any way you imagine. This space that you feel gives you the true light of power and that is where the fun begins. I am part of my studio and my studio is my soul.

I see every beginning of morning knocking on my easel with the shadow of last night’s moon. Being connected with mother nature is giving you the love inside of you, that helps you be yourself. So you can discover what is the reason and secret to be part of the moment.

My floor is covered with loose canvas, every moment I step on it while painting makes me happy and whispers ideas that I play with through colors. I keep old paintings around me to reflect on my

progress, because I am never happy with a finished painting.

Initially I am excited to see the colors dancing with the brushes, I enter a happy space but in the end I want more than what I see. When I am outside my studio socializing, I find small things in people behaviors or looks that opens idea to present with figure of emotion on my painting.

Artist space is everywhere, you do not necessarily have to own a studio in the city or country, to

create art. It is all about what you see and feel, through the energy that you receive, give and take.


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