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My name is Shaun Cochran, and I’m an artist living in Tucson, Arizona. I have a BFA in Drawing from Arizona State University, and have been doing freelance and independent art since 2009.

Like many artists I have a day job: I work at the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, a local institution. I usually work on Fridays but today I took a personal day off to focus on myself.

I currently do not have a studio; most of the art I create is done wherever I’m sitting, be that at a cafe, my home or wherever I feel inspired. There are, however, a few things in my room that help the creative process: a desk, an easel, good lighting and a variety of supplies. I also have my computer for doing digital work or editing.

I have a few projects going on at once right now: the canvas pieces are personal, the newest in a series of artworks I began last year. I use permanent ink pens on canvas for those. Today I worked on a commissioned piece in ink. It is a mecha design from the Mobile Suit Gundam series; a lot of the work I am commissioned to do is based off of popular characters and franchises. I show and sell my art at pop-culture conventions, which is how I get most of my gigs and meet other artists.

For the commission I started with a pencil sketch before finishing the piece in ink. This is how I typically produce my work. My work tends to be very detailed, which in turn takes time, so my speed is something I hope to improve upon. While this piece isn’t due until May, I have a number of other commissions queued-up, so I hope to finish this one during the Ten Days of Art so I can focus on my next job.

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