Film Festival Interview : Dino Clavica

I was born in Rome but I grow up and I still live in Puglia, southern Italy.

I can't define myself an artist, I find it pretentious. I prefer to call myself creative because I have always been creative, in everything I do. Thirteen years ago, thanks to the first touch device released on the market (iPod touch) and apps to draw with the finger directly on the device screen, I abandoned canvases and colors and approached the world of digital art.

In a first and long phase my works were real drawings, at a later stage I started to merge photos and drawings. I love the surreal and play with the disproportions. I like to make a series of works (left hand - Quello che non c’è - l’omino nero) that looks like real stories. In my work I tell the most intimate part of my life and I do it in a way that is often difficult to understand because basically I don't want to be understood.

The videos were born from the need to see movement in my works, rhythm, because often in my mind the images are not static. I like to entrust a role to objects, a different role from what they normally play. The videos are made with iPhone X. Imaginative and elementary sets, tight framing on the objects I put in motion and small corrections made with iMovie. All very simple even if the final result suggests a complex job.

Illustration and video are often inspired by my own life, by the music I listen to and they are a wonderful relief valve. These are the means that lead me to serenity.

I thank my friend Mario Brambilla who has excellently composed the songs from the videos.

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