Jimi Cakmak Artist Interview

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your work

I am an artist based in Germany with Turkish roots and I am currently studying media and communications in Neu-Ulm. I've been living in Australia, Berlin and now again in my hometown Augsburg. As an artist I do digital collages.

What set you off as an artist?

To be honest, I only started with this new type of art around 6 months ago. I've seen some collages somewhere in the Internet which I really liked a lot. I then did some experiments around topics I am really passionate about and that's where it basically started.

Tell us about the themes you pursue in your work

I mostly mix up ancient art with modern culture and that's where I create something new out of two totally different things. The topics I am most interested in are sex and movie culture. However, If i see something cool, I just do it!

What art do you most identify with?

I identify myself with Collage Art.

What is your most essential tool?

As I am mostly doing digital collage, of course my most important tool is my Macbook. Without it, I wouldn't be able to create my art.

Tell us how you organise, plan, and prioritise your work

I mostly go freestyle. That means, that when I am in my hyper creative mood I just go for it and try to see what could match. Doing this I sometimes get caught in the moment and create up to 6 artworks in just one session. Of course, I also have some artworks that I haven't published yet. That is due to my own expectations of my art being superlit. If it is cool, but doesn't catch me straight away, I usually don't publish it.

How do you navigate the art world?

As said before, I've just entered the art world and I always try to connect to artists like myself, art galleries and art magazines.

Professionally, what is your goal?

My goal is always to get the world mind-blowing and funny art. That is my first goal. Then, It'd of course be a dream to some day fully live on my art.

Are there any upcoming exhibitions or projects in the works?

I have my very first art exhibitions coming up in December in the coolest Art Café (Pow Wow) in my hometown.

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